K9 Crystal Circle Modern LED Chandeliers Hanging Lamps With Remote

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Lampshade Color: 1 Ring
Emitting Color: APP With RC Dimmable
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K9 Crystal Circle Modern LED Chandeliers Hanging Lamps With Remote




Product specifications:

1, material: Stainless steel + K9 crystal
2, color: Chrome stainless steel + clear crystal
3, light source: LED chip
4, hanging wire: 150CM, leave a message to me if want more longer wire
5, we put the spare crystal in the package

Warm white NO Remot / Cold white NO Remot: voltage is 110V or 220V, Available in all countries.
APP With RC Dimmable: voltage is 220V, 230V Available in 220V, 230V countries.
Select the correct voltage before ordering


Note:  The remote control does not contain a battery, The remote control manual has a QR code to download the app.



1, K9 crystal.

2, crystal is fragile, long-distance transportation may cause random damage, don't worry, we put 10-15 spare crystals in the package,

3, the length of the hanging wire is 150CM, you can adjust the length. If you need a longer wire, please leave a message when you place the order, we will send it according to your requirements.


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