Creative Nordic LED Wall Light Tricolor Dimming Acrylic Modern Home Decoration Sconce Lamp

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Lampshade Color: Tricolor Dimming 12W-175
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Creative Nordic LED Wall Light Tricolor Dimming Acrylic Modern Home Decoration Sconce Lamp




Product Name:Colourful Light Up Wall Lamp Texture:Wrought iron, bakelite, acrylic. Light Source:12W Three Colors Dimming Process:painting,spinning.


Simple and natural color design can be integrated into a variety of home spaces.

Three Colors Dimming

Smart Led three colors dimming,choose a comfortable,suitable light for you and protect your eyes.

Baby Details

Fine paint iron lampshade, Eye-transmitting acrylic light blocking plate, Creative design of native wood.

High quality bakelite lamp body, paint sucker.

Scene Show

Sumatra Black,pure black, stable and elegant, is the representative color of mature and elegant, but also the fashionable fashion color of modern city.

Alaskan white, which gives pearly white hue, represents white, purity, elegance, and is also a permanent classic color, suitable for the personality and minimalist style of modern homes.

Sophia blue, the representative color of the sky, neutralizes dark blue and light blue, is fresh and elegant, and more suitable for a variety of modern and simple colors. It has become a popular color that consumers love.

Scottish gray, calm and simple, noble and stable, elegant and calm, the light gray is not oppressive at all. Instead, there is a low-key luxury style.

Cherry pink, lady's color, represents fashion, warmth and romance. This kind of color tone is light, washed the gorgeousness and richness of the rose, showing the elegant and calm beauty.

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